If you really considering to use a auto traffic generator online to make real commissions i will tell you right now you are barking up the wrong tree..

Now if your intentions are to fill a void of just getting hits on your website, videos, etc. Then, YES, do go for the garbage traffic on the traffic exchanges. I remember when i used those kinds of sites back in the day to drive traffic to a network marketing opportunity that was called “Free Gas At Last” ..

I remember i would get all excited seeing my website visits go up using the traffic exchange thinking to myself that sales where about to happen anytime now.

Not surprisingly needless to say zip-nada-zilch happened. And for all those traffic exchanges that promise a percentage of money invested if you surf “X” amount of times in a day and just another Ponzi Scheme.. Nothing more.

So all that said IF you are interested in a auto traffic generator online for real profits, step down from that approach. Use real strategies that yeild real results of commissions from REAL buyer intent traffic.

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