What Jordan Belford, 

‘Leonardo DiCaprio’s”

character, was trying to

teach is that you need

to gather intelligence..

Let me explain..

In Jordan’s

book The Way Of The

Wolf, he tells a story

about a newbie firm

member to do the same..

So the newbie painstakingly

attempted to sell him 

the pen with no luck or

understanding of the 


Then Jordan, DiCaprio’s

character, had a seasoned

natural born salesman of

the firm show the cadet 

how it’s done.

The veteran salesman

asked Jordan a question. 

“Mr. Belford are you in 

the market for pens?”

Jordan responded “No.” 

Then the seasoned vet 

through the pen back to

Jordan and told the

cadet..  “I don’t sell to

people stuff that they

do not need. I’ll leave that

job to Rookies like



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Think about what your


Is your target market

in a desperate need,

want, and desire

for your product?

I see the struggling in

the spam fest facebook

groups doing is all the


Selling stuff to folks

that don’t need it or

desire it.

Butting heads against

their leads that are

are doing the same thing.

[The Alpha competing 

against The Alpha mentalities..]

Those kinds of competitive

sales environments lead

to both parties being 

disappointed with ZERO

sales to show for. 

How can you combat this

you ask?

Start a facebook group

and fill in the survey 

questions to gather


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workings of these dynamics

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See you on the inside,

Chris Ramirez

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