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So you are thinking about joining The Ultimate Marketing Mastermind and looking for a review about it. In this review I will share some of the pros, cons, and what you will learn about in UMM. The creator Jamie Gardiner really put something nice together in this package despite any cons that will be mentioned later on.

The Ultimate Marketing Mastermind is about how you can do facebook organic attraction marketing leveraging groups, in a unique way, to filter what leads you can serve and what leads you cannot. You do so by making sure your entry questions are set up correctly and you have the properly positioned digital assets inside your group to create rapid rapport and authority. It truly is something amazing how the mechanics of it works in record time! No product launching required for the same effect PLUS these are timeless skills that will certainly increase your Lifetime Customer Value.

Ultimate Marketing Mastermind PROS and CONS


  • Build a customer list in rapid succession
  • D.I.N.P. (Dual Imprint Nurturing Process) framework that amplifies your authority
  • Shows how you can build and longterm business using only free tools (No additional overhead)


  • The course is massive so you really need to get super focused when diving in
  • Some of the video content is a few hours long (TIP: To consume the content more efficiently just put the video speed up to 1.5x, 1.75x, or 2.0x speed. What ever you are comfortable with so you can understand what you are consuming.)

The PROS outweigh the CONS plus when you get started in The Ultimate Marketing Mastermind you get access to me as your secondary coach to help you speed up what would otherwise take you hours, days, or weeks to do. So go ahead and join the community, answer 3 easy questions, and let’s get to work here

No kidding some of the content is so long it will put you to sleep. When you fix up your investment this what I will personally help you with to accelerate what would otherwise be you looking for a needle in a haystack.

Who is UMM For?

Ultimate Marketing Mastermind is for affiliates, coaches, and course creators.

Who is UMM Not For?

The Ultimate Marketing Mastermind is NOT for folks looking for a get rich quick scheme or a push button solution that promises riches in an absurdly short period of time. It takes work to build longterm results.

There Are 2 Investment Options To Get Started In The Ultimate Marketing Mastermind

Option 1 is the FULL COACHING PACKAGE and TRAINING PORTAL + Coaching from me to help you accelerate your journey.

Option 2 is just the TRAINING PORTAL + Coaching from me to help you accelerate your journey.

Also included in both packages is our weekly training zoom calls you can attend to help scale your business, seek additional support, and help you stay on track.

There are split pay installment options in the mention 2 options above ☝🏼

Go “ALL IN” and see you inside the members area 🙂

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