So you are locked out of your accounts that you enabled Google Authenticator on. I feel your pain and your lost sleep over it. The great news is that you can regain access back to your accounts.

Simply go to what ever site you are locked out of and reach out to support. I did with Coinbase and Binance. Submit a support ticket or call them directly if that is a option and tell them your delima you are facing. That you forgot to even back up your keys and you need them to disable the 2FA.

For Binance users it can take up to 7 to 10 business days. Luckily from my experience they got back to me the same day so that was cool. For Coinbase users you can give them a call and talk to a real person to begin the reset process for them to disable the Google Authenticator on your account.

All other sites should also be the same way for you to regain access. So its not the end of the world for you 🙂 Just remember that next time to write down your keys and put them away in a safe place. Dont hide them on yourself either lol..

Now that you read along this far in this blog post i know that a percentage of you reading are into cryptos or other entrepreneurial ventures. Weather it is online or offline. If so then continue on reading.

My journey so far online has evolved to making money doing affiliate marketing promotions of info products and online marketing software tools from other vendors. I have been going at this niche for over 8 years now from the time stamp of this blog post. Now its to the point of where i am learning how to be the digital entrepreneur other affiliates can leverage with the creation of my own digital products.

Why create your own digital products you may be asking for other affiliates to promote? Well the big one for me is that with others traffic generation efforts they help you to build a highly hyper responsive customer list that learn from your stuff. Thus establishing yourself as the authority. Having a data base of such a responsive list puts you in a position to generate passive commissions easily everytime you promote other vendors products or create more of your own.

In the make money online game, out the gate, one should learn to develop their own products and services to see the fastest results possible to get them out of their 9 to 5 job.

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