Whats up guys Chris Ramirez here to talk about my journey so far with week 2 in the Partnership To Success coaching program by John Thornhill.

Watch the video below..

So im moving along in the flow since ive been learning this stuff for a while now. Really thought i could evade having to following along bc i had Godaddy and WordPress installed on one of my domains i was gonna use with one of the required WordPress plugins.

I was sooo wrong.. And when i could not progress i through a bit of a pitty party tantrum to be completely transparent. Then i had to stop myself and ask myself. “Chris did you even follow the man to the “T” on week 1?” Then really pondered ..

So i stopped myself in my tracks and back tracked to where i went wrong on week 1.. Not following instructions.

John has been successfully marketing online for a very long time now. Just on his blog alone his track record shows you his journey from the start.

But that is not what got me to join his Partnership To Success coaching program. I joined him bc i hit a brick wall in my own success and feel down into a deep down depression.

What i was currently doing was only yeilding results in dribs and drabs for 29 months since the time stamp of this blog post. Completely inconsistent non life changing income.

Glad i seen the vision when i did…

I seen this as my ticket to success… To hush and forget everything i thought i knew about internet marketing.

Trust that people like John Thornhill, who are really doing it, will take me by the hand and show me the way as i transition from struggling affiliate marketer to the sought after SUCCESSFUL SUPER AFFILIATE marketer status.. 🙂

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