Moving along in the Partnership To Success coaching program 🙂 If you are on the fence about it still i dont know what you are waiting for. I just cut a quick video recaping week 4 below..

Partnership To Success week 4 did not have any real challenge to the tasks other then mostly networking and syndicating other members blogs.

There was 1 pluging that was extremely slowing down my blog load time that John needed to know about so that he can have his programmers look into. He let me know that it was not that essential although networking with other members is still helpful for each person’s blog rankings in the search engines.

I came into this Partnership To Success program with guns blazing being i had prior experience with online marketing. Over 8 years learning and a lot of trial and error. Seen results sky rocket and had results plummet. Did i let that stop me? HELL NO! 😉

Affiliate marketing just mad too much sense to just up and ignore. I found it extremely sexy to sell other ppls products and not have to hold inventory.. On top of that the product are digital and that just made it a no brainer to further more pursue.

I didnt really dive back in serious till after i had a successful run with Amazon Associates affiliate platform.. I seen some good results from that but soon realized that a 4% commission just was not cutting it. 50%, 70%, 100% commissions where what i really desired to go for.

So here i am, years later, figuring more things out in this affiliate marketing game. I knew i needed more coaching to breakthrough to the next level so here i am going through Partnership To Success coaching program by John Thornhill. VERY EXCITING TIMES to work up to a full time income with affiliate marketing as a product vendor in the making 🙂

Feel free to drop comments below and to share this blog post all over the place to later enroll into John Thornhills coaching program Partnership To Success..

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