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No matter what niche you are in Vidmonial 2.0 has got you covered. Below you will find a helpful video showcasing How-To use Vidmonial 2.0 in your campaigns.

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The names Christopher Ramirez 🐱‍🏍

Ive been doing affiliate marketing for over almost 8 and a half years now from the time stamp of this blog post. Some other strategies i employ in my marketing efforts are leveraging targeted groups that i am the admin of. I do this by 1st seeding the facebook groups then once they start to have autopilot targeted request traffic i give them calls to action.

The kinds of call to action would be a example like directing them to see the group rules to drive them to any related link i desire in the facebook groups description. I use the auto question asking also to really narrow down my potential prospects too.

All apart of a developing case study thats got me in over drive really digging deep for unorthodox solutions everyone else in the Youtube and Facebook pond are completely over looking. To really get a grasp of whats going on in my realm of marketing be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel and, again, hit me up on facebook.

You can also find me on Pinterest and Linked-In. Linked-In is another gold mine i have up my sleeve as well. Very interesting how that site is put together. Pinterest is still a tough code to crack but at least i got it up to a consistent 250ish views a month in the Inspirational quotes arena related to marketing. Now its a matter of turning those views into profits.

Cant forget Instagram as well. IG being a part of facebook i also leverage the autopilot group request traffic to build my IG with targeted prospects. It does fluctuate at a ratio of for every 400 to 500 group requests the IG profile gains 1 or 2 targeted followers.

Going back to the ole saying by Jim Rohn – “You make up in numbers what you lack in skill..” So the math that im doing is imagining i have 10 or 20 autopilot request fb groups compounding up the follow rate to where i dont even have to use hashtags! Im operating 2 fb groups on autopilot so multiply the 1 or 2 out of the 400 to 500 requests can be significant as i continue to seed even more fb targeted groups!

To your success 😃


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