Ok guys so ive dug up some research on Youtube to pretty much summarize what you are looking for in a pdf. To digest the value you are looking for simply press play on the Ted Talk video below by the author of the book “The Storytelling Animal How Stories Make Us Human”

Funny how stories make us the beings that we are.. Examples of me even with movies that tell great stories where i feel the emotions of pain, sorrow, sadness, happiness, suspense, etc. I totally resonate with the message and find this information very useful in my chosen field of study.

Movies like Avatar, Braveheart, and Star Trek Into Darkness storytelling i further elaborate on in this next video below..


I go on to talk about how in the beginning of the movie Star Trek Into Darkness when they are on the planet Nibiru and exposed their Enterprise starship rising out of the ocean to the natives of the planet to save Mr. Spock. Spock was trying to stop a global killer super volcano eruption from happening with his cold fusion device. The natives have barely invented the wheel thew where so primitive. Which I had a big emotional connection to.

That story was so profound to me because if you look back at ancient Egypt hieroglyphics, it shows similar illustrations of people worshiping sky gods. Similar to what was portrayed in that Star Trek movie.

I also mention movies like Braveheart where at the end of the movie i cry because in that story William Wallace, before he was beheaded, seen his dead wife walking in the crowed waiting for him to be with her. It signified that he was already dead being the reason why he seen her. It was so poetic and emotional.

The reason your on this blog post is because of a case study conducted. I have been working on a case study for my 1st product i am about to launch very soon and the keyword phase “the storytelling animal how stories make us human pdf” is part of the course contents.. My name is Christopher Ramirez and ive been learning online marketing for over 8 years now and just starting to get back into blogging.

My findings thus far have been extraordinary as im compiling all the data of the various ideas i have been testing. From facebook group strategies, to youtube strategies, how to integrate simplified blogging tactics to compliment the youtube method, and other pending methods to test on my white board of notes.

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