Chris Derenberger and his business partner really did put some TLC in this Youtube SEO product. I went ahead and picked up the YT Supremacy training to do my due diligents and give you guys my honest review.

This course is not some regurgitated garbage at all. YT Supremacy really does deliver the goods i must say 😊 Chris and his business partner really show me some delightful nuggets to UP my Youtube Video Marketing game! 👌

It is magnificent some of the out the box strategies they reveal in just the front end of their product alone. Things like using multiple Youtube accounts with a proxy to make those accounts look unique with all the different ip addresses. So that you can feed videos engagement signals to rank higher. Further more things like the importance of having a effective thumbnail and a resource, even, to see how much possible engagement a specific thumbnail can or can not get.

YT Supremacy Review

Ive been doing YT video marketing for a while myself and this course really topped the cake on what i could also be doing to dominate first page rankings. They also show what kinds of Fiverr gigs to look for in aiding your SEO efforts. Gigs like social media rings for backlink juice, etc.

Chris also breaks down in his course how to understand your “impressions” and “click through rates” in the Youtube Analytics Funnel. Also the “watchtime” metric along side those other two factors that determine where you will rank.

Two Thumbs WAY up!! BRAVO

I especially love the strategy Chris talks about that he calls the Persona method. Basically he mentions for you to do a search for a video thats getting a lot of traffic on the same topic as your channel, comment on that video, and (with a proxy) log in to other accounts and comment on the main comment within the high traffic video related to your channel. You would also like the comment as well i forgot to mention.

What this does is it makes your comment higher up in the comments section feed! Absolutely a brilliant idea and glad i picked up the YT Supremacy video course 😃

Still on the fence about YT Supremacy?

Well what i can do for you when you pick up YT Supremacy inside this blog post is drop a bonus to you. A 4 Chapter report on my best Youtube marketing practices. Powerful stuff i show in the bonus report.

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God bless and see you in the members area…,

-Chris Ramirez


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