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Hello fellow potential layers. My name is Christopher Ramirez and ive been doing affiliate marketing and list building for over 8 years now from the time stamp of this blog post. Watch the video below if you found us on Google or any other search engine. If your visiting this blog post through our main channel of the Youtube plateform you can skip as you have seen this short video already.

Now if your continuing on because you found us on a search engine and liked my recommendation via the video above you can visit that source of local seo for law firms here <==

Law Firm SEO Tips

The creator of that SEO course is named Chris Derenberger and he is a multiple 6 figure earner with affiliate marketing in multiple niches and hundreds of Youtube channels as a full time entrepreneur. I highly recommend him because he has helped me to understand what the Youtube algorithm looks for to rank high in search engines. I ran across his training through a big well know affiliate network as he has expertise in the field of video marketing seo.

I too have been in the study and about to release my very 1st product about it as he did. Although this is not his 1st product in the subject manner. Him and his business partners’ authority in the subject have yield them both great results and now i would like to empower you guys.

Lawyer SEO Expert

Help you to catapult your career as a attorney to get new skills under your belt. I know you folks are super intelligent individuals and will do the right thing if this is more a long the lines of what your looking for. Further more the contents of his training series have some very out the box methods.

For example he employs a method he calls The Persona Accounts Method. That strategy entails having multiple Youtube accounts and a proxy server to increase backlink trafic. It does this by searching for high authority videos and leveraging the comments section playing a comment then juggle around all your different Youtube accounts to different tasks.

SEO For Attorneys

Tasks like liking your comment and commenting on your comment in the highly viewed comment section of your competitors videos. This makes you higher in the comment section feed thus bringing your competitors traffic to your Youtube channel.

To name another method they outsource social signaling by finding Gigs on Fiverr where you pay others to create a ring of social accounts connecting to each other in turn pointing back to the main content you would like to rank.

Video marketing is the way to go with a website preferably with it combined. Video alone could still suffice though IF you set and optimize everything right on your channel and/or channels.

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