I do apologize guys that the beat is kinda hard to hear. HOWEVER I do drop many GEMS 💎 Our Podcast gear is coming in and has a built in interface. I will remake the tut when the gear comes in and you will definitely hear the beat WAY LOUDER! You can catch what it sounds like at 53:49 louder to give you a reason to rewind to the beginning and pay attention 🙂

Making Beats Is FL Studio 20 Is Easy

The way I started out originally to where I am at today is I started to make beats that in turn evolved into marketing in general. Your on my main blog learning that “Chris Ramirez Marketing Solutions” is what was born about 3 and a half years ago from the time stamp of this blog post. A lot has happened from then till now. Let me dig a little big deeper though.

Where do I begin.. It all started after my mom died back in 2008

A few months after she passed away I discovered I can make my own music and not have to pay hourly or per session to vent the stress “lyrically” off of my chest to cope. Prior to figuring it out on my own through Youtube tutorials from good ole NFX Beats (my 1st trainer) all the way to Busy Works Beats (Highly recommend you follow him as well. Just do a Youtube search) I was recording in other’s bed room studios. Or in my 1st case it was a garage from my 1st producer that called himself Jahseed.

Of course I was not easy to work with as back then alcoholism had me by the balls for a while.

February 10th 2022 made my exact 5 year mark with out alcohol addiction running my life. Found a way out and never looked back. It was so bad that I was blacking out on other bigger producers and making a complete ass of myself. So that child’s play lasted about 12 years I wanna say. 4 year career of hard drugging then stopped, turned to alco. to crutch, then finally got a grip on my life. THANK GOD! I made it to 41 soon to be 42 July 12th to tell my story a little. So now I got myself together.

So there I was tryna make it happen with music, Learning how to market my music then one thing lead to another.

With substance abuse being the driving force to find motivation to get inspiration to create music it was a highway to hell. My best work I got so fucked up doing it. See the demons in that? It was like I could not co exist without the drink to get my creative juices flowing. Yeah they got flowing alright, all the way to the bottom of going nowhere.

So I get right and clean up my act. “Now what am I gonna do?” I was thinking. So I figured since I’ve gained some general knowledge and concepts of marketing why not give that direction a go. So I did.

I learned about how I needed to build a email list of my target audience. Don’t matter what niche it is in. A email list is a important asset if built correctly. Learned things about Youtube marketing and Social Media marketing. So many lessons learned but could not apply correctly because of the every other day clogged up mind and hangovers to recoup. There was a time when my artist list was 1200+ subscribers via email. I would get drunk and talk shit to my non buying subs out of frustration. Made a few producer enemies because I blacked out and said fucked up shit to them. I’m just so grateful that today I can set things right and start over. With a sharper mind this go round.

In conclusion

Now I am about to launch my 2nd digital product and have a ecom gig going on! I still do work a job. But not for long 😉

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